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Government Compliance

FDA Label Compliance

Code of Federal Regulations

You want to have the greatest label that will get a consumer's attention and fly into people's shopping carts. All of this creative energy has to be balanced with your need to comply with all FDA regulations and the National Organic Program (USDA); an FDA consultant is the answer.

FDA Label Compliance Consultant

Visit our Food Label Consultants site.
USDA Organic Certification
There are mandatory declarations that must be made in very specific locations on a food label to ensure FDA compliance. Most of these declarations have minimum type size requirements, some of which vary with the size of the container or the size of the front panel. We have years of experience in dealing with food labeling issues. We will guide you through the process of label compliance at the beginning of the design stage, helping you avoid costly changes down the road.

We can even recommend a Kosher Certifier.
Kosher Certifier

HACCP Programs and HACCP Training

We will work with you in developing an HACCP Food Safety plan and all pre-requisite programs. Processors need a variety of programs and policies on which an HACCP plan is built. These range from vendor qualification and raw material inspection to lot control and processing parameters, through finished product specifications and recall procedures.

We can provide you with the right amount of help needed in developing these plans, training personnel and performing annual reviews.

OSHA Training and Programs

We can perform a workplace survey of your facility, recommend steps to bring you into compliance with OSHA and develop programs including lock-out, tag-out, personal protective equipment, hazardous materials, etc.

Programs will be developed to suit your specific situation. We can implement the programs and provide training or training materials to help you.