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Processing Facilities & Co-Packers

Food Processing Facility Layout

Setting Up Your Own Processing Facility

This is a major undertaking. The space you choose should be properly zoned, have a loading dock with enough room for a tractor-trailer truck, interiors that can be easily cleaned, enough headroom for equipment, and adequate utility services.

We can help you with any or all aspects of setting up a processing facility:

  • Space evaluation services
  • Compliance with FDA regulations
  • Utility Analysis
  • Equipment Research & Selection
  • Equipment and factory layout
  • Scope of work documents for contractors to bid on for space preparation, equipment installation, and utility connections
  • Planning for Expansion
  • Process Improvement

Co-Packer Consultant

Using Co-Packers

Co-packers provide food entrepreneurs with a great service by making the product for you. They adapt your kitchen recipe into a formula for use in large scale processing. Their size will frequently allow them to sell a finished product to you at less than it would cost you to make it in your own, smaller start-up facility. It is important that you understand how they work, what to expect and have very clearly defined terms as to the responsibilities of both parties.

We can help you find and qualify a co-packer, identify all ancillary costs involved, and help you get the most out of this relationship.

Talk with us before you talk with them!