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Starting a Food Business
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Starting a Food Business

Starting a Food Business

Start-up Business Planning

The new food entrepreneur has to have a great product, boundless energy, and a passion to succeed. If it were easy to be successful in this business, everyone would do it.

New companies need to identify key aspects of their business before they start. Some may choose to set up their own facility and deal with the issues of buying and setting up equipment, complying with all applicable health codes, hiring employees, and purchasing their ingredients and packaging materials. Others may choose to find a co-packer who can make the product for them under their own label.

Ok, so you have your product developed and made, now where do you want to sell it and what is the sales route to get it there? Depending on the sales route taken (distributor, retail chain, etc.), your product may pass through many hands before it reaches the consumer. Each change of hands increases the final retail price. You need to determine if the final selling price is acceptable to the consumer, and if you can still make a profit after making the product and paying all of your operating, administrative, and sales expenses.

Starting Your Own Food Business

How we can help in starting your own business

  • Guidance of how the food industry works and what costs to expect in getting your product onto a retail shelf. (Can you define "slotting fees"?)
  • Simple worksheets to guide you in product costing and setting a selling price
  • Assistance in developing a Small Business Plan and Projections
  • Guidance in label development to conform to all FDA regulations
  • Advice on what issues to consider when using Co-packers
  • Planning assistance in setting up your own processing facility including factory layout, equipment selection, and scope of work documents
  • Preparing for Organic Certification
  • Sourcing Organic Ingredients